Chinese Investors into Canadian Real Estate

It seems despite all the push back from the BC provincial government and the Real Estate Boards that the marketing of Canadian properties and especially here in the Greater Vancouver Area that foreign capital will not stop flowing into this market. This article from Vancourier. Chinese consumers can now buy Canadian homes online through a deal inked with, China’s largest real estate website selling international properties, and, which is China’s largest retailer, both online and offline.

Will Realtors Stop Using Videographers?

If you can image a world where Youtube stars are making more money then some real movie actors. Well this could be due to the fact that we are getting more and more used to watching Youtube videos and now this has come to fruition with making full length features that hit the big screen.

So has it made us used to watching more videos from lower quality(but still very good) videos and images that just might make it feel we are watching something more real and make us feel it is closer give us feelings that it’s more real!