Kase And Company, Inc. Energy Hedging Services Helps Mitigate Risk in A Volatile Market

Kase And Company, Inc., is a market leader when it comes to building successful hedging programs. The company helps individual traders, investors, and companies having exposure to energy commodities build effective hedging strategies based on statistical models.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 10 October 2018 - Kase And Company, Inc., assists its clients in formulating a successful hedging program through its statistically based charting product - Energy HedgeModel, and consumer hedging support model - Kase ezHedge. Kase energy hedging services are widely used to mitigate risk in the highly volatile energy markets.

Kase Energy HedgeModel Can Be Adapted To Match Company’s Goals

Every company has their own way of approaching hedging. Nonetheless, the strategy to hedge using Energy HedgeModel, can be adapted to mitigate risk in various ways. Energy HedgeModel is a statistical program that guides users in identifying the right time to hedge, the right prices to hedge, the right maturity to use, and the right time to restructure. Energy HedgeModel helps seize opportunities when prices are low, facilitates placing of defensive hedges when prices move into the high zone, and remains static when prices are neither low nor high.

Kase Statistical Models Help Capitalize On Long-Term Price Cycles

The statistical models of Kase And Company, Inc. are designed to identify periods of high, low, and neutral prices. Long-term energy prices are hard to guess, but Kase’s statistical models can be used to identify and take advantage of long-term price cycles. In this way, effective crude oil and natural gas hedging strategies can be built depending on the company’s risk appetite that uses these cycles to time hedges.

Kase And Company Inc., Facilitate Clients In Achieving Their Energy Hedging Goals

Hedging is today an important strategy for businesses to help shield themselves against the risks of the volatile energy commodities. Using the statistical models by Kase, the producers and consumers are able to carve hedging programs to protect themselves against volatile swings in the cost of energy. Taking into consideration the goals and risk appetites of their client, Kase provides relevant energy hedging advice, ensuring the energy hedging goals are met.

About Kase and Company, Inc.

Kase and Company, Inc. is a well-respected hedging and trading solutions provider for the corporate and institutional energy sector. Among the various offerings of Kase, the most prominent ones are statistically based charting product - Energy HedgeModel, and consumer hedging support model - Kase ezHedge. Kase also provides ongoing market support, strategic, defensive hedging services, including custom trading and risk analysis, trader risk limits, and storage analysis primarily in the energy market. Kase’s additional offerings include educational tutorials for use of beginners as well as veteran market traders and technicians.